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We understand light inside and out.

We enjoy discussing our concepts, strategies, and details with you and your team to ensure each lighting detail is thought through; from napkin sketch to final photographs. 

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How we work

1. Intro

Taking the time to learn about your project ensures that we solve the right problems with your team.

2. Concept

By diving deep into your project, we bring a holistic design concept to integrate light into the core of your space.

3. Documentation

As experts in 2D and 3D modeling with Revit we bring tightly controlled coordination to your project by utilizing the software your team knows without extraneous steps.

4. Pricing

By developing strategic partnerships and relationships throughout the lighting industry, Source provides design that is informed by concept, budget, lead time, and sustainability.

5. Final touches

No project is complete until the i's are dotted and the t's are crossed. To ensure the space matches your vision, punch lists and final focusings are thoughtfully considered for every project.

6. Review

Every project has challenges. Evaluating, assessing, and learning from those challenges is key to creating beautiful, lasting spaces that will stand the test of time.


Our work fosters a connection between people and architecture

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